Story Analysis

Especially for feature film screenwriters

Any good idea can become a great script.

You may have a nugget of an idea that delights you, or you may have a full-length story that would make a fabulous feature film. Either way, Laura Matthews has the technical know-how to turn it into a viable screenplay.

Following the rules of story structure and the transformational arc, Laura’s expertise is in asking the right questions to bring out the best in your script. She works with both screenwriters and producers to ensure the script is tight, meaningful, and marketable.

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“You’re like the Mayo Clinic of story analysis.”

“Laura is clearly expert in analyzing story and character, and pokes holes in all the right places.”


“Thanks so much for your very thorough and insightful report. Not only did you identify many of the issues I have been wondering how to address, but you seem to have a method of untangling the knots—that is great! That is what I am most interested in, not just what is off-course, but the root of how to set it straight. You are the first person who has read it who seems to have the skill set to dissect and rebuild . . . yay!”

“I’ve seldom worked with such a consummate professional. You asked all the right questions, and got me thinking about the potential of my story in a new way. I thank you!”

“Thanks for all the great ideas for my script. While I didn’t agree with all of them, the sheer number and creativity of the ideas got me enthusiastic about my story once again.”


Contact Laura Matthews today to discuss how she can contribute to your story.