Financial Blogging: How to Write Powerful Posts That Attract Clients

I would have had a hard time producing my book Financial Blogging without Laura. She helped me overcome my feeling of being overwhelmed by the decisions involved in taking my book from manuscript to a finished product. Laura helped me choose my book designer and manage the tedious process of ensuring that my book’s design worked. She caught many problems that I would have missed. Laura’s help also included copyediting and proofreading.

~~Susan Weiner, CFA


Decoding Your Past

Laura did an amazing job of helping me focus Decoding Your Past. She is an fantastic story analyst and editor.

~~Robert Morris


The Gospel According to Mamma
The Queen of Damn Good Advice

I want to sing praises for my gifted editor, Laura Matthews, for her editing expertise and talent on my first two books, The Gospel According to Mamma and The Queen of Damn Good Advice. Her superb skills helped me produce books that will be forever special to my heart—and hopefully the hearts of many others, too.

Laura’s skill at discerning the writer’s intent while staying true to the original voice is the perfect blend to improve and strengthen any writing. Her meticulous attention to detail and flair for storytelling gave my writing the care it needed to help me clarify and expand upon my ideas and insights.

I highly recommend her services to any author.

~~Annette Bridges


How to Be Rich

I hired Laura as the editor for my first book, How to Be Rich: The Couple’s Guide to a Rich Life Without Worrying About Money. This was the best choice I ever made with this project. This was a particularly challenging project because it is a “How to” book written as a fictional tale so the advice had to be woven into the narrative.

Service providers rarely impress me. However, Laura exceeded my expectations. First, Laura has an unusual talent of understanding the main idea of the project and crafting words to tell that story succinctly and make it entertaining. Second, she is a great listener and pays attention to her client’s goals, but doesn’t shy away from gently redirecting when needed. Finally, and probably most important, Laura meets her deadlines and is prompt when returning phone calls and emails.

After only the first week of promotion, the book that Laura edited and helped me craft is already a huge success. How to Be Rich has over 30 five-star reviews on Amazon. It ranked as high as 9th best seller in the Personal Finance category on Amazon and 2nd in the Top 100 Rated Introduction to Investing books on Amazon—this is second only to Dave Ramsey who has a very popular radio and television show. This book would not have been this successful without Laura’s contribution. I will hire Laura for all of my future book projects.

~~Chuck J. Rylant, MBA, CFP


The Leadership River

Laura Matthews is an editor who understands where to draw the line between good writing and personal style. Most everything that Laura suggested enhanced my manuscript.

And, what I really appreciated was Laura’s sensitivity to my voice. She checked throughout the process to be sure that my voice stayed true to me. Laura is easy to work with and responsive.

We worked virtually together without a hitch.  I highly recommend Laura.

~~Kerry Hamilton, author The Leadership River: Translating Vision into Action


Other comments on Laura’s work: 

Your comments were spot-on. You have made the book much better. Thanks so much.



Thanks again for your interest in my work and the wonderful feedback given. I feel validated as a writer and look forward to your continued support during the publishing of my memoir.



Your editorial evaluation was awesome, it boosted my confidence one hundred percent, and I thank you. I wish that I knew a small percentage of what you know.



Thanks, Laura, for the great job and the warm feedback, which really felt good. You were able to take away the concerns I had about the content of my book and its appeal to the target audience.



Thank you for taking the time to understand and edit our manuscript.  Your feedback has been a great value to us.  You provided feedback with professionalism, honesty, and respect.  We could not have asked for more.  In addition, your positive comments and “best wishes” have encouraged us.  We never expected as much out of the editing process.

~~R. & N. B.


I want you to know how much your personal note meant to me.  I have wondered so if I even had a viable book.  That question had been weighing so heavy on me these past few weeks knowing a professional editor was working with it.  Your letter meant so much to me.  I danced and cried through the office after reading it.  I don’t think I hit earth again until Saturday.  I wrote the book because I had to.  Your note let me know you felt that was my intention and that I do indeed have a viable book.  Thank you for taking the time to let me know on a personal level that I am on the right track to meet my dream.