Editorial Evaluation


Have you just typed “The End” to your brilliant manuscript and aren’t sure how to go about a revision? Have you shown it to approving friends and family, and now you’d like a professional to take a look? Laura Matthews’s Editorial Evaluation might be right for you.

In this service, Laura will:

  • Read the entire manuscript.
  • Provide page-by-page comments in the document.
  • Develop a detailed several-page report covering such subjects as (for non-fiction) flow, logic, voice, accessibility, and (for fiction) characterization, plot, theme, pacing, etc.
  • After you’ve had the chance to review the report, Laura is then available to discuss any and all aspects of the analysis and the manuscript on the phone.

This service is ideal for after a completed first draft and before the final editing for publication. It helps ensure you’ve crafted the best story possible and gives strong guidance for revision.

Laura is happy to discuss anyone’s book with them–it’s her passion to assist in any way possible to have your voice be heard. Give her a call today.