Book Consulting/Editing


Editor Laura Matthews is available to work with any author to help achieve the goal of becoming published. Laura Matthews provides expert editing services, both for professional and creative writers. She can walk you through all aspects of book publication, from organization and structure to characterization and description. Read what some of her authors have to say about Laura’s editing.

There are several levels of editing.

Book Consulting
In this service, Laura will work with you from your book’s conception to completion. You have a great idea but don’t know where to start? Laura will help you get the ball rolling and keep you on track toward publication.

If you already have a completed manuscript but suspect it might need some structural reorganization, character development, smoother transitions, or deeper explanations, this might be the edit for you. Laura will provide expert editing and overall improvement to the work as a whole. (Also see Laura’s Editorial Evaluation service.)

A manuscript with all the structural and storytelling issues solved might only need an edit for sentence structure, flow of language, consistency in tone, and the like. Laura will provide this along with detailed querying of the content.

For the manuscript that is close to publication and needs that one last look to perfect it, proofreading to correct errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling and the like is also available.

Rates are determined by the needs of the manuscript. Laura is available for a free initial consultation to determine what would work best for your book. Give her a call today—you’ll be glad you did.